CBD Products for inflammation

CBD and CBD oil play the same role as the endogenous CBD Products for inflammation that act on the end cannabinoid system that is naturally present in our body.

Endogenous cannabinoids respond to cannabinoid receptors. CB1 is predominantly in the central nervous system and CB2 is predominantly in the peripheral nervous system and immune cells.

It controls pain by binding to CB1 present in the central nervous system, and normalizes immune function by binding to CB2 present in immune cells. Therefore, it leads to suppression of pain and inflammation, which are symptoms of autoimmune diseases.

In addition, CBD has the function of suppressing active oxygen and having an antioxidant effect. Prolonged CBD Products for inflammation for some reason causes a large amount of active oxygen to be produced in the body. As a result, active oxygen damages tissues and organs. This is called oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress and inflammation can cause a variety of chronic illnesses. Therefore, the anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD and CBD oil are thought to be useful in the treatment of many diseases that cause acute and chronic CBD Products for inflammation, such as autoimmune diseases.

Studies on the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD and CBD oil that have been conducted so far include the following.

In an experiment using mice with arthritis conducted in 2016, CBD gel was applied to the skin once a day for 4 consecutive days to suppress the symptoms of arthritis and reduce the deformation of the limbs due to pain.

Another 2016 study conducted experiments with diabetic mice with early pancreatitis. Pancreatitis can cause diabetes by destroying islets of Langerhans (cells that secrete insulin inside the pancreas) by immune cells.

Therefore, when CBD Products for inflammation was used in these mice, diabetes was improved compared to mice that did not use CBD for treatment. Furthermore, the activity of immune cells was suppressed and inflammation was reduced.

What is the best way to take CBD Products for inflammation?

Oral ingestion is easy to take without the use of special equipment, and you can choose from a variety of portable CBD products. In addition to oils and capsules, there are also gummies and chocolates containing CBD.

However, it should be noted that when taken orally, it is metabolized once in the liver and then absorbed, so it takes time for the effect to appear. And while passing through the liver and digestive system, the CBD component is partially destroyed.

Oral ingestion takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours for the effect to appear, and has the disadvantage that only about 6 to 20% of the ingestion is absorbed into the blood. However, the effect lasts for a long time in about 4 to 12 hours.

Tran’s mucosal intake (sublingual intake, etc.)

Compared to oral ingestion, CBD is absorbed into the blood vessels without being metabolized in the liver, so the effect appears faster CBD Products for inflammation oil is dripped on the oral mucosa, nasal mucosa, and sublingual mucosa.

The absorption time varies slightly depending on the location of the mucous membrane and the CBD product (oil, spray, etc.), but it can be seen that the average effect takes about 15 minutes, which is faster than oral intake.

The rate of absorption is 13 to 35%, which is more efficient than oral ingestion. The duration of the effect is approximately 4-8 hours.

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